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Read my introduction first before reading the articles. It will provide a bit of background and context for why I wrote this series. Also, for those who are engaging atheists in their personal life, here is a good website you can use to challenge them: Proof that God Exists.

Is Christianity Based on Fear?
Does Christianity Prey on the Innocent?
Is Christianity Based on Dishonesty?
Is Christianity Egocentric?
Is Christianity Arrogant?
Does Christianity Breed Authoritarianism?
Is Christianity Cruel?
Is Christianity Anti-scientific and Anti-Intellectual?
Does Christianity have an Unhealthy View of Sex?
Does Christianity Have a Narrow View of Morality and Ignore Real Evil?
Do Christians Hate the Environment?
Does Christianity Model An Authoritarian Organization?
Does Christianity Sanction Slavery?
Is Christianity Misogynistic?
Is Christianity Homophobic?
Is the Bible Riddled with Historical Inaccuracies and Contradictions?
Is Christianity Borrowed from Other Religions?

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