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It was during the latter part of November in 1968 when Fred Butler was born in St. Louis at the Baptist Memorial Hospital.  He was born into the humble home of Fred the third and Judy Ann.  

He spent most of his early years, along with his younger brother Joshua, growing up in the small town of Salem MO, about 2 hours southwest of St. Louis in the lower, middle part of the state.   In the summer of 1984, Fredís family moved to Batesville, Arkansas, where much of his motherís family resides.   There he attended Southside high school and graduated in 1987 with slight honors (a 3.18 GPA - just enough to allow him to wear the yellow rope around his shoulder).  

Upon graduation, in the fall of 1987, Fred journeyed to Jonesboro, Arkansas where he enrolled in Arkansas State University.  He majored in Radio and Television with an emphasis in broadcast production.  During that first year as an ASU freshman, Fred busied himself with participating in the campus Baptist Student Union and attending Central Baptist Church.  When he had the time, he did his best to maintain his studies.  

At the close of his freshman year, in May of 1988, the Lord was pleased to save Fred out of a life of false religiosity and bring him to a true knowledge of Jesus Christ.  He grew quickly in his new walk with the Lord, and his love for studying and teaching the Bible to others really deepened.  Fredís interest in his Radio and TV major lessened and a desire to attend graduate level theological studies at a seminary increased.  

It was also during this time that Fred was introduced to the preaching/teaching ministry of John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA.   Johnís teaching resonated with Fred, and he immersed himself into the vast collection of Johnís recorded sermons offered through the lending library of Grace To You, the radio ministry of John MacArthur and Grace Church.  

John MacArthur was the president of the Masterís Seminary that is housed on the campus of Grace Community Church.  Though the seminary seemed to be a moonís distance from Arkansas, Fred had a longing to attend, but never pursued it because of that long distance and the lack of funds.  However, at the prodding of an acquaintance that attended Masterís and pastored at Grace Church as an assistant to John MacArthur, Fred applied to the seminary and was accepted.  Loaded down with three heavy suitcases, He took his first plane flight to Burbank California on August 20th, 1992.  

Fred crammed 3 years of seminary study into 7 at Masterís and eventually graduated in May of 1999.  To help supplement his tuition for those 7 years, Fred fulfilled a ďdreamĒ job and began working at Grace To You in November of 1992.  His primary responsibility was helping Ralph White mail out the tapes and books requested by the many individuals who responded to the monthly offers. 

Ralph retired from his position as the volunteer coordinator in May of 1999 and that left a full time spot opened for Fred to fill.  He, and another fellow named Chris Pixely, managed the fulfillment department together for about a year until Chris moved on to a different ministry.  Fred was left by himself as the managing coordinator and director of the volunteers; retired folks who are, for the most part, members of Grace Church.  These lovely volunteers come to Grace To You twice a week to package the thousands of resources that are offered to the GTY supporters.  

Since becoming the volunteer coordinator, Fred was blessed to marry Brenda Jean Clodfelter on July 8th, 2000, and then welcome his new son, Caleb Watson, into the world November 9th, 2002.  

Where exactly does Fredsbibletalk come into play with all of this?  The website was somewhat of a stroke of providence.  Fred has always desired to be involved on the Internet.  As a matter of fact, he participates on a handful of theological email discussion groups.  Though the discussion groups are fun and engaging, Fred thought it would be interesting to have a website of his own where he could post his own articles and stimulate the spiritual thinking of various Christians who visit his site.  In Godís good timing, Will Moneymaker moved his family from West Virginia to California in 2002.  Will became a regular volunteer at Grace to You and he happened to have a knack for computers and web publishing.  He approached Fred about recording the weekly devotionals he taught to the volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays and placing them on an Internet site.  Fredís response was, ďWell, if you have the desire to put it together, I will definitely support it.Ē  The rest, as the old cliché goes, is history.  

The website is mainly the weekly devotionals Fred gives to the volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  While Ralph White was the director of the volunteers, he would put together 15-20 minute devotionals.  Ralph was a retired pastor, and like all good pastors, his love for preaching never truly ceased.   When Fred took over the position, he desired to continue the weekly devotionals.  At first, it was once a week, only on Thursday, because the Tuesday volunteers never had a devotional time.  However, they requested it, and Fred agreed to accommodate the request.  The devotionals are recorded in MP3 format and should play with any computer that has that capability.

Please let me know about new Articles & Bible Studies from Fred's Bible Talk.


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