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Some of the articles are in PDF format. In order to properly view and print the articles you will need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for Windows or Macintosh). You may do so by clicking here.

General Apologetics:
Exegetical & Theological Bases for a Consistently Presuppositional Approach to Apologetics

Apologetics and Evangelism 101 - Introduction
Apologetics and Evangelism 101 - (Pt. 1)
Apologetics and Evangelism 101 - (Pt. 2)
Apologetics and Evangelism 101 - (Pt. 3)
Apologetics and Evangelism 101 - (Pt. 4)
Apologetics and Evangelism 101 - (Pt. 5)
Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool(a collection of articles answering atheistic arguments)
Handling Internet Atheists: Apologetics in Practice
Questions from a Skeptic (And how to answer them)
The Sufficiency of Scripture in Apologetics (pdf) (Michael J. Kruger)
The New Evangelicalism and Apologetics (pdf) (Rolland D. McCune)
Questions to Ask When Evaluating Parachurch Christian Ministries and Popular Bible Teachers
Tin-Foil Hat Theology: How Conspiracy Theories are Detrimental to a Christian's Spiritual Health

Fred's King James Only Page(answering and refuting KJV-only Apologetics)

Answering Homosexual Apologetics:
Hope for the Homosexual (Travis Allen)
Observations Concerning Homosexual Revisionists (Travis Allen)
The Centurion's Servant
Is the Word "Eunuch" Really the Bible's Way of Saying Homosexuals?
The Source and NT Meaning of arsenokoitai (pdf) (Dr. James B. DeYoung)
Debunking Gay Christian Apologetics

Creation Discussions:
Does Intelligent Design Equal Creationism?
Reviewing a Debate on ID and Evolution
A Review of the Museum of the Earth's Guide to Evolution and Creationism for Docents
Philosophical Naturalism and the Age of the Earth: Are they Related? (pdf) (Dr. Terry Mortenson)
Jesus, Evangelical Scholars, and the Age of the Earth (pdf) (Dr. Terry Mortenson)

Biblical Studies:
Examination of the Gap Theory, (Genesis 1:1-2)
An Examination of 1 Samuel 13
The Problem of Jehoiachin's Age, (2 Kings 24:8 vs. 2 Chronicles 36:9)
God's Love for His People, (John 3:14-17)
Who Wrote Hebrews? A Defense of Pauline Authorship
Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus-Pharaoh (pdf) (Douglas Petrovich)
The Dating of Hazor's Destruction in Joshua 11 (pdf) (Douglas Petrovich)


General Theology:
An Historical Overview of Christian Reconstructionism (pdf) (Michael Gabbert)
A Brief Look at the Trinity
Responding to Common Objections to the Trinity
The Origin And Development Of The Middle Knowledge Theory (R.K. McGregor-Wright)
Philosophic Problems Of The Middle Knowledge Theory (R.K. McGregor-Wright)
In Defense of Biblical Miracles (Doug Kutilek)

Studies in Future Premillennialism (A collection of links and articles defending premillennialism)

The Doctrines of Salvation:
What is New Perspectivism? (Travis Allen)
A Review and Rebuttal of the Article "Calvinism Critiqued"
The Life of John Calvin
The Arminian Controversy
Total Depravity
Unconditional Election
The Atonement
Irresistible Grace
Perseverance of The Saints
The Assurance of Our Eternal Security (Pt. 1)
The Assurance of Our Eternal Security (Pt. 2)
The Assurance of Our Eternal Security (Pt. 3)
The Assurance of Our Eternal Security (Pt. 4)
What Does it Mean to be "blotted out" of the Book of Life?

Doctrine of Scripture:
Liberals, KJV onlyists and Inerrancy
Liberals and Inerrancy Pt. 2
Answering Non-inerrancy Claims

Practical Christian Living:
Spiritual Unity Pt. 1: Words to the Strong and Weak in Faith
Spiritual Unity Pt. 2: Serving the Weaker Brother
Spiritual Unity Pt. 3: Exhortations to the Weaker Brother

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