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Home: Bible Talk Messages: What is Evolution, ID, and Creationism?

Darwinian evolution is the predominant worldview in our society. It is used to explain nearly everything, from how the universe began, how life came into existence, and how humanity has developed.

The average person never questions evolution because the theory is taught as fact from grade school all the way up to the university by individuals who are considered experts in their various fields of science. Yet, the average person is completely unaware that Darwinian evolution is not derived from clear, objective scientific evidence, but from the philosophical presuppositions of atheistic naturalism.

This series of messages explores the history of philosophical naturalism, how it is instrumental to modern-day evolutionary thinking, the historical development of Darwinian evolution, and how evolution came to be considered “scientific.” The series then turns to the Intelligent Design movement and considers whether or not it is a viable alternative to Darwinian evolution. Lastly, biblical creationism is demonstrated to be the Christian’s only true response to our evolutionary world.

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Date Title Speaker Format
2006-05-18 Naturalism: The Philosophy the Drives Evolution
Part 1 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-03-21 The Beginning of Darwinian Evolution
Part 2 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-03-28 The Gruesome History of Evolution
Part 3 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-07-13 The Scope's Trial
Part 4 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-07-27 Natural Selection
Part 5 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-08-03 Philosoply of Science, Pt. 1
Part 6 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-08-10 Philosoply of Science, Pt. 2
Part 7 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-09-07 The Intelligent Design Movement
Part 8 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-09-21 Critiquing Intelligent Design
Part 9 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-10-05 Biblical Creationism
Part 10 of 11
Fred Butler MP3
2006-10-12 Standing For Truth in an Evolutionary World
Part 11 of 11
Fred Butler MP3

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