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Helpful Theological Resources and Biblical Studies

Bible Bulletin Board - The John MacArthur Collections
This is a collection of John MacArthur's sermons in transcript form. I frequently utilize this site by printing out sermons on various subjects for prisoners who are unable to receive cassette tapes in their facility.

The Bible Researcher
An extensive website with many articles pertaining to the text of the Holy Bible. The curator has articles highlighting textual criticism, as well as historical overviews of all the major English translations.

Creeds and Confessions of the Christian Church
Here is one of the sections from Phil Johnson's "Hall of Church History" that deserves its own separate plug. Phil has organized, in historical order, all of the major creeds and confessions of the Christian Church; an area of Church History unfortunately neglected by Christians in our day and age.

Dr. Barrick
Dr. William Barrick is one of the premiere Old Testament professors at The Master's Seminary who has many excellent theological articles and personal insights into the Old Testament scriptures.

Grace to You Radio Ministries
This is the website of the radio ministry where I work. Check out the roving camera under the "fun and free" link. There is a camera shot of where I work with my volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Highway Discussion Group
This was one of the main discussion groups I use to frequent before I started blogging. I was under the name "fredman". Most of the contributors are Presbyterian and Reformed Baptist, who are all quite bright and pithy with many of their posts.  I always benefit from my interchange with them.  The Highway also has an extensive collection of theological essays and articles on all sorts of biblical subjects.

The John Gill Archive
The on-line archive of the eminent Baptist theologian John Gill; probably one of the greatest theological minds in Church History. You will also find here William Cunningham's two-volume Historical Theology on-line, as well as works from R.L. Dabney and A.W. Pink.

Phil Johnson's Bookmark
This is the website of Phil Johnson, the executive director of Grace To You radio ministries and one of my personal heroes. His bookmarks are a treasure chest of theological links to all areas of the internet. The beauty of Phil's bookmarks is that Phil has sorted each of his links into categories (my own links page is modeled after his) such as, helpful resources, bad theology and really bad theology, and he has added his pithy comments about each one . It is like having your own built-in baloney dectector. Also found here is the Hall of Church History and the Spurgeon Archives www.spurgeon.org.

Rediscovering the Bible
In-depth Bible study. Classic reprints, original papers, interactive Bible content quizzes, and a daily devotional of excerpts from great theologians and preachers, past and present.

The Reformed Reader
A collection of Reformed Baptist articles defending historic, biblical Calvinism from the fully reformed Baptist persepective. Though I have an affinity for the Reformed Baptists, especially those in the Southern Baptist Convention who are desiring to bring that denomination back to its historic roots, I must depart from their covenant theology that shapes a lot of their doctrine and practice. Covnenant theology aside, a person will find a lot of excellent material here.

The Sound of Grace
The online version of the monthly theological newspaper of the same name. The website is one of the key sites promoting New Covenant Theology, a theology the could be defined as Calvinistic, but emphasizing discountinuity between the Old and New Testaments. Along with the current edition, the site contains many fine articles from past issues covering a variety of biblical subjects.

Hands down one of the absolute best websites on the internet for biblical students. There are countless articles on theology, apologetics, and biblical studies from a Reformed perspective.



General Theology

Alpha and Omega Ministries
The ministry of James White. It is a wonderful collection of apologetic articles, discussing the problematic apologetics of Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, the KJV-only crowd, and a host of other skewed religious groups. There are Real Audio lectures and debates covering a variety of theological subjects. This is one of the sites I hit almost everyday, especially to catch up on James's theological blog hightlighted on the main page. His twice a week "Dividing Line" webcasts are some of the most refreshing teaching from God's word available.

Frontline Ministries
A humble webpage designed to equip Christians for apologetics and practical evangelism. Here you will find some well written articles highlighting the philosophy of apologetics, as well as information helpful for the Christian to put feet on his or her gospel presentation. There are also fine printed materials available for purchase through the website. The manual called Witnessing Without Fear is superb.

Stand To Reason Ministries
The website of apologist and Christian thinker, Greg Koukl. There are many fine articles discussing Christian ethics, philosophy and how to reason with unbelievers from a biblical and logical point of view. His Stand to Reason weekly broadcast is stimulating listening. With that in mind, be alert to Greg's naturalistic theology. Though he has many good things to offer in his teaching, he holds to the notion that sinful men can be reasoned to faith with the use of natural evidence. This is contrary to what the Bible teaches concerning how even man's mind has been darkened by sin (Ephesians 4:17-19), and no amount of naturalistic argumentation will be affective in reasoning them to Christ. Real Audio is required to listen to the broadcasts.

Cults and World Religions

Answering Islam
The most update apologetic research dealing with Islam and Muslim apologists. For those interested in researching Islam, this is the place to start.

The Apologetics Index
A collection of articles, links, and quick references of religious organizations and denominations; both good and bad, so be discerning.

The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
An extensive collection of articles and bullet point reports on pretty much every major U.S. pseudo-Christian cult and weirdo,religous group. The subjects are organized in quick,easy to read articles that will highlight the main doctrinal teaching of the cult/group and where it departs from orthodox Christianity.

Christian Defense
This is a simple little page with a lot of excellent information highlighting the teachings of Jehovah Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostals, Church of Christ, and other unorthodox Christian groups. Its primary emphasis is refuting anti-trinitarian error.

Mormonism Research Ministry
Apologetic materials detailing and interacting with the theology and history behind Mormonism. Good research from a group of Christians with a loving spirit concerned with those ensnared in grievous, soul destroying error.

Creation-Evolution and Archaeological resources

Answers In Genesis
The home page of some of the best information on the creation/evolution debate. The evolutionist is under the delusion that his particular understanding of the world is somehow scientific because it is purely naturalistic, dealing with physical evidence and utilized by the majority in the scientific community. What the evolutionist has failed to realize is that evolution is a philosophy; a hermenuetical method that is drawn upon to interpret the world and all that is contained there in, and then speculate about its origins. The AIG website does a superb job of pointing out this philosophical inconsistency, as well as provide information to engage the errant world-view of the evolutionist and arm the Christian believer with real scientific fact.

Creation Ministries International
An Australian based creation ministry that provides tremendous resources with books, videos, and well-researched web articles in defense of biblical creationism.

The Associates for Biblical Research
The most current biblical archaeological research from a sound, Bible-believing perspective.

The Center for Scientific Creation
The on-line version of Dr. Walter Brown's book, In The Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood. This site has similar information as the AIG site, but Dr. Brown takes a slightly different approach to understanding the flood of Noah. I would recommend purchasing the book; the website contains lots of excellent information, but can be a tad difficult to navigate.

Creation Safaris
This is the home webpage of the Bible Science Association of the San Fernando Valley in California. Dave Coppedge is the director of the BSA and webmaster of Creation Safaris. He has provided lots of excellent resources, especially a scientific blog that is updated weekly and highlights articles from various scientific journals, magazines and similar literature.

King James Onlyism

Brian's KJV only website
A similar website to the one linked above. There are more articles and more links to other sites that help arm Christians against the myriad of distortions and mis-information propogated by King James Only proponents.

The KJV only webpage
This is a site dealing with a subject that is dear to my heart because I used to be a KJV only guy for nearly a decade after my salvation. The page has many rebuttals to the "Onlies" and their insistence that God has preserved his word in only one, English translation published first in 1611. There are also many links to other, similar helpful websites.

The Westcott and Hort Resource Center
Anyone familiar with King James Onlyism will read about B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort. These two 19th century Anglicans are the villians in the KJVO worldview. Practically every KJVO publication contains a chapter libelling the character of these two men as being occultic spiritualists, hellish Bible correctors, and the purveyors of all sorts of damnable heresy. Because KJV only advocates draw only upon each other (rarely is there any originality among KJVO advocates) for the information published in their books and on websites, it is difficult to separate what is truth concerning these gentlemen from what is KJVO mythology. Hence, this website was developed to expose the blatant lies and distorted information about Drs. Westcott and Hort promoted as fact by KJV onlyists. The website is a growing work in progress, with new articles added regularly addressing specific KJV only character assassination leveled against the two men. It should become a valued resource in silencing the ridiculous nonsense pontificated by KJVO advocates.

Listening On-line


The Crossroads sermon archive
This is the sermon archives of the college ministry of Grace Community Church. The primary teacher is Rick Holland, one of the best preachers in evangelicalism today. He always challenges me with his messages.

The Dividing Line Archives
The archive of the weekly Dividing Line broadcast by James White. White is a tremendous theologian and he provides tremendous apologetic information for the Church. The archive is hosted by The Straitgate, that also povides teaching from other respected teachers. Check them out as well.

Sunday School Messages of James White
The archives of the weekly Sunday school lessons as taught by James White at his home church of Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church. I highly recommend listening to his lessons, they are pure gold. Real Audio is required.

The GraceLife Pulpit
The sermon archive of the Gracelife fellowship group of Grace Community Church. The main teachers are Phil Johnson and Don Green.

Secular Talk Radio

Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager is one of my favorite Jewish conservative radio talk show hosts. He is brilliant, thoughtful and does a wonderful job defending conservative values against a culture that has a broken moral compass. He is one of the best "religious-secular apologists" from a non-Christian perspective on the radio today.

The Michael Medved Show
Michael Medved, the cultural crusader, is another conservative talk show host with a sharp intellect. He is a talking historical encyclopedia who has the tendency of stumping opposing phone callers with his storehouse of historical knowledge. He also, on occasion, entertains the conspiracy theory wackos on conspiracy day.

Books! Books! Books!
Some of the best places to find new and used books on the net!

Cumberland Valley Books
Advance Book Exchange
Best buys on the Web

Fun Stuff

Calvin and Hobbes
The glorious world of Calvin and Hobbes reprinted on a daily basis.

The Candystand game site
A joyful website that wastes my time on an occasional slow day. Minature golf is one of my favorites. Shockwave plug-ins required.

The Heavens Above
This page is for the true astronomy geek. It catalogs and predicts all of the satellite fly overs in a 24 hour period. It also gives weekly predictions of irdium flares: reflections of the sun off the solar panels of satellites that is visible from earth. In order to make the predictions work accurately, you will need to register your location on the mainpage. You must know your exact longitude/latitude position on the globe in decimal points (not degrees).

Screen It
A website that is more than just your average movie review page. The website tells you why a movie is rated a certain way by giving a general description of the various objectionable scenes and dialogue. It also maintains a fairly extensive archive of past movies and video releases. If you are not sure if you want to watch a movie, or even allow your kids to watch it, this is the best place that will give you the heads up on any good,bad and ugly found in movies.

Urban Legend Reference Pages
One of the greatest archives for urban legends both current and classic. Before you foward along that email warning your friends to beware of the latest internet computer virus, or a petition to protect religious broadcasting, check here first to discover if it is really a fraud.

News, Blogs, and Current Events

Secular sites

The Drudge Report
Matt Drudge's daily digest of all the latest news and current events.

Fox News
The best in conservative news reporting. I check this page almost everyday for its latest headlines

La Shawn Barber's Corner
A terrific commentary from a Reformed, Christian perspective by a gal who happens to be black; a rarity in blogdom. La Shawn's observations on contemporary black culture are especially insightful. She always has great rants against the hypocritical, victicratic black leadership and the many wrong-headed ideas they promote.

Michelle Malkin
One of the better blogs on the Internet. I enjoyed reading Michelle's work during the early 90s in the L.A. Daily News when she was primarily a Los Angeles phenomenon. I am glad she now has a national audience with her writing.

Religious Sites

Religious NewsBlog
A daily news digest of all things religious.

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