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Essays and articles answering and refuting King James Only apologetics. (Listen to the lectures I gave on this subject: Confessions of a King James Only Advocate)

Confessions of a King James Only Advocate
The Six Arguments used to Defend the KJV as the Only Infallible Bible
The Exclusivity Argument (Pt. 1)
The Exclusivity Argument (Pt. 2)
The Promise Argument
The Textual Argument (Pt. 1)
The Textual Argument (Pt. 2)
The Textual Argument (Pt. 3)
The Textual Argument (Pt. 4)
Were Westcott and Hort Devil-worshipping Heretics?
The Purity Argument
The Scholarship Argument
The Historical Argument
33 Answers KJV-Onlyists are Afraid You'll Give
Easter, Passover and the KJV
Fifty Thousand and Threescore and ten: Did God really kill that many folks? (Reconsidering 1st Samuel 6:19)
King James Onlyism and Luke 3:36
Slaves or Servants?
F.J.A. Hort and Seances
The Wheels on the Chariot
The KJV-only He-man Woman Haters Club

Articles by Other Authors:

The Great Inconsistency of King James Onlyism James May
The Preservation of Scripture William Combs
Something "Qere" is Going on in the KJV

Helpful Links:

The KJV-Only Resource Center
The KJV-Only Issues Page

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