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Do you use the KJV Bible?


I currently use the New King James Version with my study and when I teach. Allow me to present a short testimony about my choice. After I came to the Lord, early in my college years, I bought a Ryrie Study Bible in the King James Version. I primarily stayed with the King James because it was what I was traditionally raised with as a Church going kid and it was familiar to me. However, after my salvation, I was introduced to King James Only publications that argued that the KJV was the ONLY translation a Christian should use, because it contained the preserved Word of God, and that all of the modern Bible versions, like the New American Standard and the New International Version, had been corrupted and contained changes and omissions that ruined the Bible. Thus, I began to use the KJV out of conviction, rather than preference. Thankfully, as I have grown in my salvation, God led me away from the erroneous beliefs of my KJV only thinking, and I saw the truth about how God really preserved His Word. I moved to the New King James because I like the translation. Even though I am no longer a KJV only advocate, I am comfortable with the King James as a translation, and the NKJV allows me to maintain the style of the KJV, yet have it in an updated translation, that also updates the textual criticism that underlies the actual translation.

I go into more detail about my former King James Only beliefs in a series of short talks found at: Confessions of a KJV Only Advocate

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